If you are new to gardening or just trying out your hand in a new hobby, you just found out. Flowering maintenance requires a lot of patience and you learn from your mistakes, but there are certain tips one needs to understand if you are trying out your hand in flowering. People should understand the fact that different flowers need different maintenance. For example, you would have seen in nurseries where ranunculus bulbs for sale will have separate section because they require separate maintenance. In this article we will see them in detail.

Change the water regularly

The one thing that cuts your flowers life in half is the water as there are bacteria in the water that reduces it wilt. Another basic thing one needs to do is to change the water regularly. Try using cold water or just add some ice cubes to your water before adding the flowers.

Treat the water

Add two tablespoons of sugar, or add a penny to help treat the water and inhibit bacterial growth. A small amount of bleach can be used in your vase as it controls the growth of bacteria and keeps the water clear to see what is going on in the bottom of the vase.

Take care of the stem

Different kind of flower has a different kind of stem and it requires a different kind of treatments in order to keep your flowers looking fresh all day long. One of the most basic ways to treat your stem is by cutting the stem straight in a 45-degree angle to ensure that there is a lot of space to absorb more water.

Mind the temperature

If the place you have chosen a place which is too hot or cold, your flowers are going to suffer as they will wilt much quicker than normal. Move them to a good temperature, if your flower flourish in warmer temperatures consider a warmer spot.

Remove excess leaves

If you see that a leaf or a branch is contaminated and is turning black, consider removing excess leaves. As these leaves fall into the water may cause excess bacteria growth, which can consume the plant of its strength.

Remove the dead or decaying flowers

Once the flowers are starting to get wilted is better just to pinch them off. This ensures that all the healthy flowers are safe and ensures that you are not wasting your energy into maintaining them.

Use appropriate tools

A household scissor is not intended to cut plants with as it hinders with the plants’ ability to absorb water. Use tools which are intended to cut plants and flowers and make sure that you use sharp tools.

Use preservatives

Try adding preservatives to your flowers. They provide the much-needed help to your flowers, when the plants are cut off they miss out on a lot of nutrients and using preservatives ensures that the life of the cut flower is increased significantly.

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