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Wedding Gallery - by Schmidt's Flowers & Accessories

With over 70 years experience, we know that your wedding is special! That's why at Schmidt's, all of our weddings are custom designed for each bride. Schmidt's Flowers offers a complimentary one hour consultation to each bride because we know how important your wedding day is to you. We pride ourselves on creating the wedding YOU dream of having and keeping in your budget. To design the wedding of your dreams and to get the most our of your consultation, be sure to bring along pictures, color samples, ideas and notes. Be sure your bridal party has been outfitted and most importantly be sure you have a budget in place. We look forward to making your dreams come true! Contact us at customerservice@schmidtsflowers.net or 757-229-1665 to set up an appointment.We are available evenings and Sunday by appointment for your convenience.
Wedding [Wed-118]
Wedding [Wed-119]
Wedding [Wed-120]

Wedding [Wed-121]
Wedding [wed-122]
White Bridal Bouquet [SFA-39]

Bridal Bouquet [SFA-37]
Bridal Bouquet [SFA-38]
Bridal Show [SFA-017]

Wedding [SFA-288]
Centerpiece [SFA-0037]
Wedding-Arrangement [SFA-40]

Wedding-Arrangement [SFA-41]
Wedding-Arrangement [SFA-42]
Centerpiece at Kings Mill [SFA-0031]

Wedding at Kingsmill [SFA-0034]
Fall Bridal Bouquet [SFA-0028]
elegant wrist corsage [SFA-0027]

Bridesmaid bouquets [SFA-0028]
centerpieces [SFA-3]
Wedding Arrangement [SFA-5]

Wedding Arrangement [SFA-6]
centerpiece [SFA-7]
Bridal Bouquet [SFA-0024]

Wren Chapel Wedding [SFA-0011]
Bride''s Bouquet [SFA-0023]
centerpieces for table [SFA-0026]

Garden urn arrangements [SFA-0035]
cake flowers [SFA-0005]
centerpieces for table [SFA-0025]

Table Setting Flower [SFA-0022]
centerpieces for table [SFA-0036]
Tall centerpiece [SFA-0032]

Wedding Arrangement [Wed-007]
Wedding Arrangement [Wed-009]
Wedding Arrangement [Wed-011]

Bridal Bouquet [Wed-116]
Bridal Bouquet [Wed-117]
Bridal Bouquet [SFA-2]

centerpiece [SFA-30]
Bridal Bouquet [SFA-31]
centerpiece [SFA-32]

Cake flowers [SFA-33]
wedding ceremony in church [SFA-0001]
Bridal bouquets [SFA-0002]

Bridesmaid bouquet [SFA-0003]
Wedding Centerpiece [SFA-0004]
Bride and Groom at Kingsmill [SFA-010]

Custom Bridal Bouquet [SFA-011]
Kingsmill Wedding [SFA-012]

Custom Events [SFA-34]
wedding arrangement [Wed102]
Bridal Bouquet [Wed-103]

Wedding Arrangement [Wed-105]
centerpieces for table [Wed-106]

Wedding Arrangement [Wed-108]
Decorated Gazebo [Wed-112]

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